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Monday, May 18, 2020

Scars: our strength and weakness

Scars, they carry our stories;spreading them where ever we go. Be it good or bad,we live with them.

Growing up,i didn't really care cos I was with my family and they didn't ask me all those annoying questions nor looked at me with judging stares.  Leaving home and facing the world,  i became conscious and tried my best to cover my scars.
I was tired of all the omg what happened to you here?"
Some laughed,some pitied me. Some just stared.When people see you with scars,they are quick to judge 'you were a rough child,you were stubborn,
You're a girl why have so much scars?
(This question kills me over and over.)
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I know it's annoying and the fact that I didn't get mine through those means made things worst. Being a girl doesn't give me any privileges when it comes to injuries. I'm not indistructable.
(people forget this point.)
I wasn't really concious of my scars growing up,leaving home and dealing with different kinds of people,I was questioned whenever my scars are visible. So to prevent the questions,I covered them.
Soon I became insecured.
It was better that way,if they don't see it,they won't ask.shutterstock
Early this year,i was talking to a very close friend about my mum and how I miss her, one talk led to another and I showed her the scar I had on my shoulder while playing with my mum,how she panicked and all.
It's a really funny story.
She asked about the one on my face and I told her,we shared a our fears and stories and then it dawned on me. Why hide them?
Scars carry fun memories and maybe some sad one's but whichever way,I see them as lessons.I'm not scared of showing my scares anymore. My scares are what makes me who I am,they are part of my beauty and story.We all have scars. Visible or not, emotional or physical,we should learn from them and never be nor let anyone make us feel bad about them.
Scars make us who we are.

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