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Monday, May 18, 2020

How to stay motivated this quarantine period.

Happy Monday people........
How are you doing?
Hope you're staying home and safe?
I know most of us are working from home now and something you just don't feel it. You just want to keep watching that movie while eating your cookies or do something else but you've got to work at some point.
So I put together ways you can stay motivated even when you don't want to. I know it's hard but if a lazy ass like me can get motivated,you've got nothing to worry.
Lack of motivation, is different from procrastination where you shun the task that needs to be done intentionally or not. Here, you have all you need to start up the task (the ideas, means tools e.t.c) but the will to actually start isn't. Don't feel bad, you are not alone and it's normal to feel this way.
white cup
JUST START: It might look boring at first but when you are half way there, you'll begin to feel it and like what you are doing, and it won't seem awkwardly or tiring anymore.
CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE: Having the same routine daily can reduce your motivation level, it makes work seem boring and regular. Change the way you do things, try a new environment, listening to music rearranging your work space, just do that would interest you as you work.
SET GOALS: Be strategic, have a vision board/written down goals and when you lack motivation or your discouraged,go to your goals,visualise how far you've come and they will serve as reasons for you not to give up.
CLEAN UP: A dirty and untidied environment reduces productivity level; have a clean environment with fresh air, freshly cut or artificial flowers, nice paintings and motivational quotes on your walls.
GET ORGANIZED: When you leave your task in piles, it looks scary and huge. Break them into little tasks that would be less scary and easy to complete.
HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY: Surround your self with people who motivates and give you the drive and will to keep going.
lip balm
HAVE A POWER PRODUCT(S): Use whatever makes you feel good and confident, be it a dress, a nail polish, lip balm, or even a pen whatever works for you.
CLEAR UP YOUR MIND: Remove your thoughts from unhappy and toxic situation. Have s clean and clear mindset for success.
REST AND START AGAIN: Take a break, rebuild yourself, regain your strength and start over.
REWARD YOURSELF: After completing a task, give yourself a treat, buy something nice for yourself, you deserve it.
If you have your own motivation tips, please share them on the comment section. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe for more juicy posts.

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