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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Funny Things to do when bored

Fun things to do when bored

We all get tired of doing the same thing over and over again, in particular during this lockdown where we are at home all day, week and month.
 Here are some fun things to do when you're bored and tired of the regular routine.

READ A BOOK: All these books you've wanted to read but didn't have time to read them, now is the time to read them. Don't have any, goggle is your friend. Check out authors with reviews you like and get their books.
Read a book

DANCE: Tik tok is your friend. You can follow the dance challenge going on online(believe me, they are so many) or you can just put on your music and shake your body. You mustn't be a killer dancer to pull this off.

MAKE A VIDEO: Still in lock down, video your experience, just keep your phone camera and talk about your favorite experience, fears, anything. You don't have to be perfect or anything. Just for fun.

BUILD/ FIND A NEW HOBBY: Remember that stuff you like doing but can't get it right? Now is the time to master the skill. It learn a new skill it might be speaking a new language, painting or writing, or knitting or gardening. Whatever it is, just go for it.

TAKE ONLINE CLASSES: They are tons of free online classes to learn anything, from a new language to any skill or profession. Go online, sign up and start today. It's FUN......

TRY OUT NEW RECIPES: Be it intercontinental dishes, local dish or even smoothie recipes, YouTube has it all. So what are you waiting for? let's get cooking.

EXERCISE: Yes you saw it well. You mustn't get killer abs at the end of the workout. Just a few jumping jacks, crunches or planks will do the magic. It increases blood flow and helps you stay relaxed and increases the mood.

MEDITATE: Yes, just sit close your eyes and breath. Just sit down and reflect on your life. It's that easy, clear your mind from all the anxiety and negativity.

CLEAN UP: You don't have to wash the house from top to foundation. Start bit by bit, go to your makeup brushes yep start there wash and arrange them. How about your closet? You've wanted to do that for ages. Put your favorite playlist, and get busy.
FAMILY GAME: Round up the squad people,it's time to play. Whatever game you guys play, winning isn't really ideal,just fun and bonding.

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