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Monday, May 18, 2020


Hey guys.........Happy Monday.
Hope you're all doing great?
This week has been great,I've learnt alot and had so much fun doing what I love most; reading(Nerd)
That's why I'm enjoying this lockdown so much. Just indoors with my books.
How relaxing.
I've decided to add bookreviews to the blog...yay.
Expect new reviews every Friday.
Don't worry I'll try my best to be consistent and entertaining.
Book 1:

Happily married to her high school boyfriend,with an amazing daughter,life was great. But it came crumbling and she has to face the harsh reality of life. Finding out her husband and sister died in a car accident and finding a hurtful truth of her husband and sisters affair,Parenting a teenager who now hates her alone, trying so hard to protect her daughter from the hurtful truth,life wasn't easy for her. But in the end,she found joy again and a reason to love.
Book 2:
miss mechanic
Going back to the garage that once belonged to her family to work, Dex isn't happy with what he's seeing,thinking Jamie was a guy when they communicated via mail. There's no way he's having a lady work for him saying the garage is no place for a lady. Jamie is determined to probe him wrong and stop his stereotypical belief. Proved him wrong alright, she doesn't only gets her job in the garage,but also a place in his heart..
Book 3
elizabeth acevedo
Loosing her mum during delivery,her dad abandoning her in the hospital with her grandmother, getting pregnant at junior high school, life was hard and unfair to Emoni. But with determination, her ever supporting grandma,baby girl her daughter,best friend Angelica, and her love for cooking, things begin to change for the better and the universe was smiling at her again.
Book 4
Her mum wants her to have the life and career she wished she had.Trying so hard to please her parents,feelings that if she's a good daughter,her mum won't leave again. Lydia is trying so hard and it's killing her. Suffering and triving for perfection and her parents love, unable to reach their expectations,she decides to end everything.
Book 5
Soon to be Inlaws who couldn't stand each other, wow after her twin sisters wedding,everyone is food poisoned(thanks to Ami love for free things) Olive and Ethan are the only safe people,due to her allergies and he's fear for buffet. Amu convince her twin to take her honeymoon spot so it won't go to waste (although it was totally free) Ethan and Ollie takes the couples place for the honeymoon. They leave as enemies,after spending 10 days of their unhoneymoon, they return as lovers. But things are about to get real for Ami and her husband as her new marriage come to a sudden end. I smell Infidelity.
Thanks for hanging around. Let me hear your thoughts about these books, have you read them?, do you know the authors? Is there any book you'll want me to review? Just let me know in the comment section.
Have an amazing weekend guys. And don't forget to do good, and stay safe. Love you guys so................much.😚😙
xoxo c.ken

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